Rug Cleaning Services

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Looking for professional rug cleaning services in your area? Book an appointment today and avail the best-quality rug cleaning services with 100% satisfaction. We at 1st Restoration & Carpet Cleaning Inc. understand the difficulties of individuals, and accordingly, offer rug cleaning and maintenance services at affordable cost.

It’s been years, we are offering rug cleaning services, and have earned an excellent reputation in the cleaning & restoration industry. From regular low-cost rugs to delicate expensive rugs, we can clean every variety of rugs without any hassle. In case, your rug is from Middle-East and is designed with silk or any other glossy fabric; we recommend you to avail our special rug cleaning services.

Our team of cleaning professionals keenly analyzes the type of fabrics used in the rugs, and accordingly suggests effective rug cleaning technique. Without damaging the quality of rugs any further, we ensure you clean and fresh looking rugs in minimum turn-around time. After doing a proper inspection, our experts will quote you an estimate. If you approve our pricing quotation, our team will pick-up your dirty rugs and will shift them to our in-house cleaning hub.

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Special Rug Cleaning Process with Expertise Care

As the rugs involve soft fabrics and light dyes, it is essential to clean them with deep cleaning techniques. Our experts are well experienced and certified to deliver efficient rug cleaning services. We use state-of-the-art technology and hand washing method to clean and restore the rugs properly. No hazardous chemicals are used in our cleaning process. We only use safe and environment-friendly solutions for rug cleaning and restoration.

Let’s have a close look at the steps which are involved in our rug cleaning process.

  • Dust Removal - All the dry dust and soil are removed in this stage
  • Pre-spot removal - If there are hard stains or spots on the surface of the rug, then pre-spot removal techniques are used.
  • Submersion Bath - The rugs are subjected to high-pressure water flow or dry vacuuming process as per the type of fabrics
  • Cleaning - With the help of advanced cleaning equipment, we clean the entire surface of the rug.
  • Rinsing - Our professional rinse and wash the rugs with expertise care
  • Drying - High power blowers or dryers are used to dry up the rugs
  • Fringe work - Once the rugs are dry, our experts restore the fringes

If you are looking for any extra facilities, we recommend availing our micro-seal fabric protection. Our primary objective is to clean & restore your dirty rugs and to make them fresh and new.

Fully Insured Rug Cleaning Services

Being a reputed rug cleaning company, we closely work with leading insurance companies. From insurance coverage to billing, we have got dedicated agents for every aspect. Our agents have good knowledge and experience in insurance billing, thus accordingly offer you total support. In simple words, there is no need to about any damage or loss of your rugs, as our services are fully insured.