Oriental rugs are the exotic and precious area rugs that greatly enhance the interior décor of a house. As compared to other area rugs, the oriental rugs are a bit expensive. These rugs are hand-made, and mainly come from the Middle East countries. If you got an oriental rug in your house, it is essential to clean and maintain it properly.

When you don’t clean an oriental rug for a longer time, the look and feel of the rug is highly affected. Dirty stains and filthy pollutants start to breed inside the delicate construction of the oriental rugs, and thus the rugs lose their glossiness. No matter, how much money you have invested in your rug, if you are not maintaining and cleaning it; the investment seems unworthy.

We at 1st Restoration Inc., understand the problems of house owners, and accordingly offer professional Oriental rug cleaning Plantation. Oriental rugs are made up of soft and sensitive fabrics, thus they need gentle cleaning which involves no chemicals at all. Our professionals are specially trained and certified for cleaning oriental rugs with expertise care. At 1st Restoration Inc., we greatly value the investments of our clients, so use the best techniques to clean the rugs without damaging them further. We have got a dedicated cleaning chamber for oriental rugs, where our technicians handwash the rugs. To avail our free pick-up service, call our support team now.

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Gentle Cleaning Process for Oriental Rugs

At present, there is a high demand for Oriental rug cleaning in Plantation. Both commercials, as well as residential clients, use oriental rugs to enhance the décor of their space, thus they seek cleaning services regularly. Being a trustable rug cleaning service provider, we understand our responsibilities, and offer satisfactory cleaning services to every client in and around Plantation area. Considering the type of fabrics used in oriental rugs, we prefer the hand washing method for cleaning the oriental rugs.

Our complete oriental rug cleaning procedure is keenly described below.

  • Dusting – In the first phase of cleaning, it is necessary to remove the dry soil and other foot pollutants. Our technicians use powerful vacuum machines to lift out the dust and dirt from the surface of the rugs. We do this both on the front and back surface to make the rugs completely dust-free.
  • Pre-treating and shampooing – Clients highly appreciate our Plantation oriental rug cleaning process. To remove the spots and stains from the oriental rugs, we use safe and environment-friendly cleaning solutions only. The shampoos and gels which we apply on the surface of the rug include no chemicals.
  • Hand washing – At 1st Restoration Inc., we don’t prefer machine cleaning techniques, as the oriental rugs may get damaged. Our technicians clean the rugs with their hands and ensure expertise care all throughout the cleaning process.
  • Rinsing and water extraction – In this phase, the oriental rugs are subjected to water washing only. All the residues are removed, and hence the rugs are entirely The water is then extracted manually, and the rugs are subjected to the drying process.
  • Drying – With the help of climate controlled speed drying, we ensure drying of rugs within less than 24 hours.

Once the rugs are dry, our professionals initiate the fringe restoration works and ensure the oriental rugs are in good condition. Our oriental rug cleaning services in Plantation are fully insured, thus you don’t need to worry about any damages or inconveniences.

Why Choose 1 st Restoration Inc. For Rug Cleaning In Fort Lauderdale?

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  • Free pickup and delivery of rugs
  • 24/7 emergency service in Plantation
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  • Hand washing process with expertise care

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