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Do you remember, when was the last time, you cleaned your kitchen? Forget about kitchen cleaning, do you even clean your living room regularly? According to a survey report, 55% individuals in Florida, hesitate to clean their house regularly.Well, the reason is pretty straightforward – House cleaning involves a lot of physical stress as well as time.

For working individuals, it is a daunting task to clean the house on own. Apart from house cleaning, there are many other critical aspects in a human’s life. If you are struggling to clean your home and are very much worried about that, then we are here to help you. We at 1 st Restoration & Carpet Cleaning Inc., understand the complications associated with house cleaning and accordingly offer professional services.

No matter, how dirty your house is, we can clean and make it tidy as per your convenience. It’s been years, we are offering house cleaning solutions in and around the Florida area, and have earned an excellent reputation here. Our services are greatly appreciated by the residential homeowners as well as the corporate clients.
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Same Day House Cleaning Services in Florida

You can avail our house cleaning services anytime, as per your convenience. Simply book an appointment and request our services at your doorstep. Our dedicated team of cleaners & technicians are always ready to deliver you satisfactory house cleaning services. All of our professionals are experienced and certified in house cleaning. We recommend you to schedule an appointment,when you are free, probably on week offs.

Our team will reach your address as per your specified date & time, and will initiate the inspection works. Generally, we at 1 st Restoration & Carpet Cleaning Inc., charge on an hourly basis for house cleaning services. Our technicians will analyze the condition of your house, and accordingly will provide you with an estimate report.After your approval, our professionals will instantly start the cleaning process and will complete the house cleaning project by the end of the day. We assure you 100% satisfaction with our professional house cleaning approach without any doubt.


Use of Environment-Friendly Products and Advanced Equipment

We have a mobile van, which is fully equipped with high-end cleaning machines like vacuum cleaners, blowers, dryers, water pumps, sprayers, green cleaning products,and more. Our professionals mainly initiate the house cleaning process with dusting.After dusting is done, the heavy dirt & grimes are removed from the surfaces via vacuuming. No matter, how many rooms are there in your house, we promise to clean every room.

The cleaning products we use, are environment-friendly and non-toxic. We do not charge any extra price for using high-quality and green cleaning products. Being a reputed cleaning & restoration service provider, we understand our responsibilities,and accordingly ensure you the best house cleaning services.


Licensed & Insured House Cleaning Services

1 st Restoration & Carpet Cleaning Inc. is a registered company and offers licensed house cleaning services in Florida. Thus, all of our services are insured and covered.Our professional team ensures that, the house cleaning process is executed without doing any further damages to any of the household belongings. However, in case, any inconvenience occurred, there is no need to worry. We got everything covered.

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