Air Duct Cleaning & the reasons why you should arrange for one today

* Cleaner air and easier breathing which help reduce the chances of illness.

* To remove dust, pollens and spores from household plants and carbon particles, which can cause asthma and other respiratory problems.

* To remove small animals (mice, rats, birds) and their nests.

* To remove old smells and odors, especially from cooking and cigarette smoking.

* To considerably improve the efficiency of your heating and air-conditioning systems, thus reducing your bills.

About Our Ducted System Cleaning Process

The majority of dust in your ducted system is usually found in the air return duct. This is because air is constantly sucked through the return grill and passes along the return duct to the heater. You may notice the return grill gets dusty over time. Well the build up of dust does not stop there!! The entire length of the return duct and the heater interior collect dust.

Billions of dust mites, bacteria and germs live in this dust and then get blown around your home causing itchy eyes, headaches and aggravating coughs, colds and respiratory problems such as asthma. It’s very important that the entire length of the tube is thoroughly cleaned (not just a few feet from each end) so that all the dust, dust mites, germs, pollens etc are removed from the system.

* Clean air vent and filter with high pressure air.
* Follow up by giving the air vent a high pressure water clean
* Flexi brush is pushed down the duct for cleaning
* Duct ball is pushed into the air duct. It runs off compressed air and travels along the duct dislodging debris
* Powerful vacuum machine is used to dislodge and extract dust and debris.

We then proceed to cleaning the Heating Unit Interior, Fan Blades and Motor. The fan blades, casing and motor are cleaned using an air gun. The heating channels and the interior walls of the heater are also air ducts cleaning and servicing company cleaned using a special solution. This area is particularly important as an excess of dust can cause the fan to break down or worse, can cause the system to catch fire.

Each of the duct lines in your house are then individually cleaned. After cleaning is complete we turn the heater on to check that the system is operating normally. We also provide & replace filters as necessary for air return vent. Once the system is clean, the best way to prevent dust build up is to install a filter. We also repair damaged ducts and
have a qualified electrician and gas fitter to service equipment.

We’ve been in business for more then 20 years and are committed to getting the job 100% right first time every time. Our team of trained professionals is available 24X7 365 days a year.

100% customer satisfaction on each and every job is our motto. Give us a call now for a FREE no obligation quote.

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