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Marble & Stone Floor polishing - Miami Florida

floor polishing, tile and grout cleaning1st Restoration Inc. offers a professional Marble & Stone floor restoration & Polishing. We specialize in polishing, cleaning and sealing of Travertine, Marble, Granite, Limestone and many  other natural stone tiles. Our special restoration process will make your floor look like new.

We also offer decorative solutions for concrete stained interiors & exteriors, stamped concrete and/or micro-toppings with a number of top cover options including acid stains and various faux finishing techniques.  Call us now for a FREE no obligation quote!

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Tile and Grout Cleaning - Miami Florida

1st Restoration Inc. offers a professional grout and tile sealing & cleaning service that will restore your tiles and grout to its original color. Our specialized high pressure cleaning system cuts through years of built-up mold & grim even on a very stained surface. We specialize in cleaning & renewing, ceramic, terracotta and porcelain surfaces. In addition, we can seal and re-grout as needed and to your specifications. Call us now for a FREE no obligation quote!

floor tiles cleaning, grout repair and cleaning

Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Process includes the following:

      Review of scope of work and examination of areas of special concern
      Measurement of footage
      Quotation of a firm price
      Move furniture if necessary
      Vacuuming & sweeping the area as needed
      Apply grout & tile cleaning & mold break up materials
      Allow time for the cleaning agent to begin to breakdown the soiling & stains
      Buffing the grout and tile to ensure thorough soil separation
      Pressure clean and extract of dirt
      Re-grouting and address areas of special concern
     Collect excess water residue
     Place furniture back to their original place

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Flood & Water Damage Restoration Services

Flood & Water Damage Restoration ServicesExperiencing water damage events in your home or business, can be very upsetting, and deciding which restoration company to call can be difficult and confusing. 1st restoration & carpet cleaning Inc. has years of experience in restoring homes or businesses back to pre-loss conditions quickly, by using state-of-the-art technology and expertise...Read More



Carpet and Oriental rugs cleaning services

Carpet and Oriental rugs cleaning servicesWe provide carpet cleaning solutions to the domestic and commercial sectors and also specialize in stain removal and water damage restoration. Carpets are normally left dry within 2-3 hours which help eliminate nasty odors caused by mould and bacteria growth. The products we use are all safe and non-toxic...Read More


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