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As dust and dirt collects on your furniture and carpets so does it on your drapes. Regular vacuuming and cleaning will increase the life span and looks of drapery keeping your entire house looking bright and clean while creating a healthier dust reduced living environment.  Regardless of your type of drapery, we clean them all with zero shrinkage, to your complete satisfaction. Our years of experience (more than 20 years) enable us to understand the various demands and expectation of our customers.

Draperies and other window treatments should be cleaned once in every two years. Monthly vacuuming of the headings, pleats and the back of the drapery lining is highly recommended and will help remove surface dirt and dust particles. Drapes should be lined to protect them from direct sunlight. Fabrics such as silk, rayon, acetate and cotton are more sensitive to sunlight than fabrics containing synthetic fibers Such as acrylic and polyester.

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Nothing could be more convenient than having your draperies cleaned by 1st Restoration & Carpet Cleaning Inc. We will inspect and measure your drapes and will provide you with a full written estimate. Given the job, we will then carefully remove and pick up the drapes to our drapery cleaning plant.

We use only the best, latest technologies and safest cleaning products and employ the highest standard technicians so that you have the peace of mind of knowing that every time you use our service you will receive the highest quality services available. We are so confident in our ability to do what we say we can that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

1st Restoration Inc. are professional, on-time, friendly and most importantly effective at cleaning your home and office! Once inspected, our qualified technicians will advice you as to the best method of cleaning your curtains and drapes. We strive on getting the job done right, first time, every time, to give you the best possible result and value for money.

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